my father visited me

My father was visiting me for a week, about three weeks ago.

I took some days off work and lead him to Paris and Rotterdam. In Paris, we visited Champs-Elyse Street and museums, and took a dinner cruise. At museums, we saw paintings for a long time, seated on benches. We went to see a group of windmills near Rotterdam. The one in operation was open for tourists. When I went under its wings, it was frightening!! They were going around more vigorously than I had imagined.

After that, we came back to the city where I live. During the day, I worked and he visited a city each day. He said he liked Brugge above all, so I will visit the city in near future. His last night in Belgium, we had dinner at a restaurant called "Chez Leon," where we had blue mussels, one of specialties of Belgium. He seemed to have fully enjoyed the trip overall, with which I am content. 

His visit, or his attitude during the trip, reminded me of the fact that traveling abroad by ourselves is something challenging for the ordinary Japanese. I and other Vulcanus program participants are more used to traveling overseas alone. For this, I had forgotten the fact, but the majority of them travel in groups, guided by Japanese attendants. For example, he seemed nervous to buy a train ticket by himself. 

I believe he is less worried about my stay in Belgium, after his trip. This is because he saw me speaking French and English throughout the trip, and also because he saw my everyday life at the very place. They must have shown that I don't have much difficulty in living alone abroad. I'm content with that, too. 

That's all for today.
At work, a reagent we ordered takes long to arrive, and many machines for characterization are to get repaired. What can I do..?

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